Top Family Photo Shoot Locations in Spokane 1

Top Family Photo Shoot Locations in Spokane

1. Riverfront Park

If you’re looking for a serene, natural location for your family photo shoot, Riverfront Park is an excellent choice. The park spans over 100 acres, with a large, tranquil river, a quaint bridge, and plenty of trees and greenery. There are also plenty of attractions in the park, such as a carousel, an IMAX theatre, and a historical steam clock, making it a fun family day out as well as a great photo shoot location.

2. Manito Park

Manito Park is a popular location for photographers, and for good reason. It offers a variety of backdrops, from tranquil Japanese Gardens to picturesque rose gardens, which are perfect for family photos. There are also plenty of walking paths, ponds, and fountains in the park, which add to the charming atmosphere.

Top Family Photo Shoot Locations in Spokane 2

3. The Historic Davenport Hotel

For a more sophisticated and elegant photo shoot, The Historic Davenport Hotel offers a classic architectural design that sets the perfect backdrop. The walls of the hotel’s grand lobby are adorned with rich, warm colors and intricate details that make it ideal for family portraits. The stained-glass ceiling adds an extra touch of elegance while bringing in an abundance of natural light. You can also use the large wooden staircases and ornate elevators to add a bit of variety to your photographs.

4. Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park

If you’re looking for a location with a bit more outdoor adventure, consider Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park. The park features a suspension bridge across the Spokane River, as well as a set of impressive basalt rock formations known as the bowl and pitcher. These unique natural elements can make for some memorable and exciting family photos.

5. Green Bluff Farms

Green Bluff Farms is best known for its abundant orchards and fields, making it the perfect location for a photo shoot in a peaceful rural setting. With apple trees, sunflower fields, and plenty of open space, Green Bluff Farms provides endless possibilities for your family portraits. Some of the orchards even allow picking, which could make for a fun family activity after the shoot! Don’t miss this external resource we’ve prepared for you. You’ll discover more intriguing details on the subject, broadening your understanding. Family Photographer Spokane Washington.

Whether you’re looking for a serene park or a bustling farm, Spokane has a diverse array of locations to make your family photo shoot stand out. With creativity and the desire to capture some unforgettable moments, you’re sure to find the perfect spot that matches the personality of your family perfectly.

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