Crafting Instagram Content That Will Help Increase Your Followers 1

Crafting Instagram Content That Will Help Increase Your Followers

Crafting Instagram Content That Will Help Increase Your Followers 2

With over a billion active users each month, Instagram is a valuable social media platform for businesses and content creators alike. While the platform has seen significant growth in recent years, standing out on Instagram is becoming increasingly challenging. Creating visually appealing content has become more than just guesswork, and it is essential to find ways to make your content stand out to increase engagement and subsequently attract new followers. In this article, we will share two innovations that will help you to create Instagram content that will get you more followers.

1. Utilize Instagram Reels To Showcase Your Content Creativity

Just as with any social media platform, Instagram continually evolves. In August 2020, Instagram launched a new TikTok-like feature called Reels. While the feature is still relatively new, creators have already started to discover that Instagram Reels are reliable tools for increasing their reach and boosting engagement.

So how do you make good use of Instagram Reels? To create an Instagram Reel, use the Reel creation tool (at the bottom of your camera screen) to record and edit 15-second video clips. You can add music, change speed, use filters, and even add text overlays. Here are some ways to use Instagram Reels to showcase your creative content:

  • Showcasing your products: Showcase your products in a creative way that is informative, exciting, and visually appealing. With Instagram Reels, brands can bring their products and services to life creatively.
  • Showcasing your culture: Use Instagram Reels to build and reflect your company culture or personal brand as it offers a behind-the-scenes look into your business or life. It can be a good way to showcase-off your fun and creative side.
  • Teasing new content: Using Instagram reels to tease or give an insight into upcoming projects, products, or events. By fueling the anticipation level you can increase the overall engagement.
  • Sharing tutorials: People get easily influenced by video tutorials, You can utilize the Reels feature to showcase DIY projects, art, or cooking related tips like mini-tutorials. A mini-tutorial can be a fun and creative way of showcasing your skills and interests while helping your audience.
  • Make sure the Reels sound and fonts are complementary to your overall Instagram brand and personality. If done right, the use of sound effects, filters, text overlay can provide an engaging and entertaining experience and fetch you more likes, shares, and followers.

    2. Use Carousel Posts To Showcase Different Angles Of Your Content

    A carousel post allows you to post up to ten images or videos in one swipeable post. So instead of having to choose just one image, you can now share a sequence of complementary images to showcase a specific product or theme.

    Carousel Posts offer the following benefits:

  • Increased Engagement: With the ability to showcase numerous aspects through one post, people are more likely to interact as it presents them with various unique options to engage and connect with the content.
  • Showcases creativity: Posting different angles of the same content is an excellent way to showcase creativity. As these posts give you more room to express your theme in new ways creatively, keeping your followers engaged and informed and yet preserving the theme of the post.
  • Improved storytelling: Carousel posts can help better tell a brand or product story. By presenting different angles, interested audiences can immerse themselves in the story fully and visualize better what you are trying to communicate with them.
  • Increases sales: On social media, you get only a few seconds to impress; showcasing different angles and aspects of your product & theme can attract more people’s attention. With Carousel posts, you can easily spark the curiosity and hence increase the chances of getting a sale.
  • It’s essential to post high-quality images for each post as low-quality images disrupt the overall aesthetic of the Carousel post. By doing so, you can engage with your followers and make that much-needed first impression. Wish to learn more about the topic discussed in this article?, full of additional and valuable information to complement your reading.


    Instagram can be an effective tool to increase awareness of your brand, and it’s achievable with creative, proactive content creation. The above two innovations have stood the test of time, and using these features is an excellent way to differentiate your content creatively and increase your followers. Keep in mind that creativity and consistency are the foundation of excellent content and attracting followers; hence make sure to follow these innovations regularly, and with time you will see your followers increase.

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