Top Indian Business Leaders to Watch in 2021 1

Top Indian Business Leaders to Watch in 2021

India is a hub for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. It is a country that welcomes and encourages new ideas and talent who are driven to succeed. The year 2021 has witnessed a wave of opportunities for young business leaders, with several startups coming up and global collaborations taking place. This article aims to highlight the top Indian business leaders to watch in 2021, their unique work ethics, and how they have achieved success in their respective fields.

Innovation and Creativity

First on the list is Urvashi Tulsiyan, the founder and CEO of Reasonable Financial Solutions, a personal finance consulting firm. It is challenging to navigate the world of personal finance for many. However, Urvashi has been able to make her mark in the industry by providing personalized financial solutions to her clients. Her approach to solving complex financial issues is unique, combining creativity and innovation. The company has been steadily growing, and in 2021, Urvashi and her firm are poised to reach new heights in the world of personal finance.

Impactful Leadership

Second on this list is Virender Singh, the founder and CEO of Global Thermo Electric, a leading provider of green energy solutions. Virender’s leadership style is distinctive, characterized by his confidence and intuitive decision-making ability, which has seen the company grow beyond expectation. Under his leadership, Global Thermo Electric has become one of the most popular green energy providers in the country. Virender’s business acumen and his willingness to take calculated risks have placed Global Thermo Electric on a path to create groundbreaking solutions in 2021 and beyond.

Inspiring Women Leaders

Third on this list is Aditi Gupta, the founder of Menstrupedia, an online portal that creates awareness about menstrual health. Aditi is an inspiring leader, who has not only brought about a positive change in society but has also empowered women by breaking taboos surrounding menstruation. Menstrupedia’s work has been instrumental in addressing the stigma and myths surrounding menstrual health. Aditi’s leadership has been pivotal in the company’s growth, and as she looks forward to expanding her reach in 2021, she continues to provide a platform for women all over the world.

Social Responsibility

Fourth on the list is Ritesh Kumar, the founder, and CEO of Indus Towers, a socially responsible company that provides energy solutions in remote areas. Ritesh has been able to incorporate sustainable thinking in his leadership style, creating a positive impact in society by providing non-discriminatory access to energy solutions. Indus Towers has set an example for other companies in the industry by prioritizing social responsibility in business operations. In 2021, Ritesh and his team are looking to scale up their impact, providing reliable and affordable energy solutions to marginalized communities.


In conclusion, the year 2021 presents a wealth of opportunities for emerging business leaders, particularly in India. The country’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled several innovative and sustainable companies to international accolades. Urvashi Tulsiyan, Virender Singh, Aditi Gupta, and Ritesh Kumar represent some of the top Indian business leaders that are making significant contributions to the economy and society. These innovators demonstrate the importance of creativity, impact-driven leadership, inclusion, and a commitment to social responsibilities. By following in their footsteps, budding entrepreneurs and leaders can learn the skills and dedication required to be successful in challenging environments. Uncover more information about the subject by checking out this recommended external website.!

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